The Link Bungalow

The key activity of the Link is to undertake training visits to Juba usually consisting of approximately 4 experienced senior healthcare professionals.  A major problem that we have so far encountered is the relative lack and high cost of accommodation in Juba.  This has arisen because very little building has so far occurred as a consequence of the prolonged civil war, lack of development and difficulties in importing materials.    We therefore decided that the best approach would be to build a small hostel/house close to Juba Teaching Hospital where we could house visiting trainers.  The Government of South Sudan kindly provided land within the compound of the doctors mess, free of charge and for the duration of the link. After raising approximately £180,000 the Link bungalow is now complete and has been used by a visiting team in October 2013 and is currently being used by local members of staff until the next visit.

DSCF0253The Bungalow2